I am going to flat out address this prompt.  Usually I try to create a post, then have fun finding a sneaky way to get the prompt word in, but it is Sunday, the house wont clean itself, my husband is waiting for us to take the dog for a walk and we need to … Continue reading Trance

Cherry Pie

We are in the kitchen, small, compact, neat as a pin.  My mother and I sit at the little round table and my mom jokes with my grandmother.  "Her cherry pie tastes just  like the ones at McDonald's," She tells me with a wink of her eye. My grandmother places the steaming pie on the … Continue reading Cherry Pie

A Letter to My Mother

Did you know? If felt like you knew. That last time I saw you, you cried. You NEVER cried before. And then you said, “I am going to miss them so much.”   Why did you say that? It haunts me. And it tortures me that when I dropped you off at the ferry you asked … Continue reading A Letter to My Mother

Promises Made

It is 1966 on a long isolated stretch of the Alaska/Canadian highway.  He pulls the dusty and battered white Pontiac to a stop. Gets out to stretch his legs.  Leaning on the car he surveys his surroundings. The mountains simply stun him, the landscape takes his breath away.  The air is cool and clear and … Continue reading Promises Made

Love Story Unfurled

Love Story Unfurled On October 1st, 1960, In a dusty little Arizona town, found along Highway 66 two cars meet.  One is coming from LA to the west, the other from Albuquerque to the east.  It is a halfway point. In the car from LA is a young woman, blonde hair pulled into a ponytail … Continue reading Love Story Unfurled

Yellow. Grainy and Yellow.

It is yellow.  It is hot.  Grainy waves of heat radiate from the pavement.  Yellow and hot, must be Texas.  The hills are yellow, the grass is yellow, the dirt is yellow.  Even the adobe houses are yellow.  My earliest memory must be Texas.  I am playing in the garage of a neighbor.  For shade?  … Continue reading Yellow. Grainy and Yellow.

Those Uninspired Days

  The wind is blowing outside, the rain is falling, fog dense, clouds heavy around the house and on the water.  It is a blustery day, leaves carried Willy-Nilly.  It is too early for Autumn, but my trees look a little weary and my plants a little battered.It is a good day to do something … Continue reading Those Uninspired Days

Moving a House, by the Numbers

When Nancy called and told us she had found a condo she wanted to buy, we were thrilled for her.  Secretly, we had all worried about her alone in the big house on the hill, steep driveway to shovel in the winter, closing it down during her long travels, simply the maintenance of a older, … Continue reading Moving a House, by the Numbers

Playing Santa

It was almost Christmas break.  The kids were excited, the teachers were excited, heck, even the parents were excited.  Today we would have our class parties, do our little gift exchanges then say goodbye for the next two weeks.  Two weeks that we could relax and enjoy our families.  Two weeks of holiday parties, friends … Continue reading Playing Santa

Glaringly Obvious

It was glaringly obvious that I had two choices.  Stay or leave.  And baby I left.  I left hard.  I jumped in my brother's car and we booked it.  Not before Dumbo discovered and he chased after us.  It was comical, sort of sad. He had roused from his foggy, drugged out stupor and chased … Continue reading Glaringly Obvious