I am going to flat out address this prompt.  Usually I try to create a post, then have fun finding a sneaky way to get the prompt word in, but it is Sunday, the house wont clean itself, my husband is waiting for us to take the dog for a walk and we need to get out between rain showers, so here goes:

Trance: That weirdo feeling when you get when realize you have been staring, glassy-eyed at the light bulb in the chandelier, or the candle in the corner, or embarrassingly, at a stranger in Starbucks.  When you realize it, you tear your eyes away and take a few seconds to refocus or join the “real world.”

Trance: Scott and I are sitting in a pub in Ireland, cozy and warm against the gray and rainy day. We are there to enjoy authentic Irish music, Guinness and Irish Coffee.  We notice that kids at the next table are transfixed, staring trance-like at their phones.

Trance: Sometimes I think my dog goes into a trance. She has these weird yellow eyes, and a pretty intense stare. She stares and stares at me and sloooowly her eyes start to close, finally, finally they close and her head sort of nods.  Then I can’t stand it and I call out her name and she snaps right out of it.

Trance: I have a HUGE startle reflex.  I will be working on something, anything and find myself completely in my own head, REALLY in my head, almost in a trance-like state. If someone comes in and says something, I scream.  I mean jump and SCREAM.

Trance: Not really a trance, but Gracie, my youngest sleeps with her eyes partly open!

Trance: Family joke.  My dear friend Kay flipped my cat over and rubbed it’s belly, repeating, “This puts them in a trance-like state.”  She was from the south, and she said it with her southern drawl and it almost put us in a trance-like state. The girls loved it and were always trying to put the cat, the dog, each other in a “trance-like state.”

I hope others have fun with this prompt!

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