To Say Yes to a Dress

One year ago Sarah called, sounding as happy as I had heard her in a long time, and said she was engaged. This was followed almost immediately by a picture on FB of her on a windswept hillside holding up her ring finger. Beautiful diamond. Big smile. Within a week a I had a new … Continue reading To Say Yes to a Dress


Scott and I were chatting the other night, and as is often the case, our conversation turned to retirement.  I had to admit that I now understood his fear of "What will I do all day when I am retired."  For YEARS my response to that has been, "A hobby silly!"  I told him I … Continue reading Possibilities

Toast for L and D written by Scott

Toast for Laura and David It is an honor to speak today. I have loved Laura since the day she was born. When you have a child, a part of your heart is outside of your body. You feel their excitement, their pain, their joys and sorrows as if they were your own. Today my … Continue reading Toast for L and D written by Scott

Toast for Sarah, Written by Scott

Toast for Sarah Some of you may know I am an attorney. Attorneys get paid by the word, and last week I was working on a court filing which is 52 pages but we call it a “brief”. This is a little shorter. I get to say something about Sarah and Katie, or at least … Continue reading Toast for Sarah, Written by Scott

A Small Town Fourth of July

The unmistakable sound of a helicopter.  I see it, flying low, coming around the corner, trailed by an enormous American Flag fluttering behind.  This sight never fails to take my breath away, and signals the beginning of the Fourth of July celebration in my adopted hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska. Ok, full disclosure here, it might … Continue reading A Small Town Fourth of July