Between Clover and Dampened Earth

The Farmer's Field Today I walk With my lover, My footstep light, Careful Against the dewy ground, His steps Strong. Steady. Morning mist, Ethereal, Magical, Curls around us, Secretive. Dreamy. And it is only He and I, There in the fog. We walk without words, Our footsteps Our breath Make soft sounds, Yet the earth … Continue reading Between Clover and Dampened Earth

Flight or Fight?

Always Flight. Flight. Fleeing.  My instinct to flee has created some family stories that do not always paint me in the best light.  These three stories are not my finest hour, but better to own them and #laughalongandlearn. 1) We are in Hawaii.  Balmy, beautiful Maui.  I have a new swimsuit with a detachable skirt … Continue reading Flight or Fight?