Those First Days

It is the first day of school.  I stand there in the lobby, greeting students as they enter.  Scrubbed, sun-kissed, sparkly-eyed kids, excited kids, ready for school.  Nervous parents holding the hands of their five year olds.  "Can I help you?" I ask. "Yes, thanks! Where is Mrs. Berg's room." I smile and I show … Continue reading Those First Days

Ketchikan Perspective

Ahhh.... The prompt word is "tender."  I am late for work but am going to post what first comes to my mind when I think of this word.  Tender. The first word is not the sweet way a mamma holds a new baby, or the way lovers might look at each other.  No.  This time … Continue reading Ketchikan Perspective

Little Birds Fly the Coop

Yesterday someone asked what it was like to be an "empty nester."  One of those poor, frazzled people who have a kid in elementary, middle and in high school.  I just smiled and said, "The freedom."  That is what we like the best, the freedom to do pretty much anything.  Go away for a weekend?  … Continue reading Little Birds Fly the Coop

No, She Doesn’t Have a Name

"What's her name?" People ask when they meet my cat. "Ummm...." We stammer a little, does it make us bad owners that we don't have a name for her?  "Kitty, her name is Kitty."  Which isn't entirely the truth.  When my daughter was much younger she named her the same name as her friend who … Continue reading No, She Doesn’t Have a Name

Four Prompt Words in Two Sentences, Thank-You-Very-Much

"Ten days," She groaned, "There are only ten days.  I have started some sort of abominable countdown till school starts and we have to go back to work." "Piffle", I reply, all effervescent and shiny, "It has been a glorious summer, long and sunny with all the ingredients needed for kids to come back healthy, … Continue reading Four Prompt Words in Two Sentences, Thank-You-Very-Much

The Betrayal

The smell was thick. That smell and the low buzz, constant in his skull begged him to open his eyes. Slowly focus came, struggling, he peered between the planters. The door! His limbs were numb, but he knew he had to get there. He had to save her, yet each movement sent needling pain. He … Continue reading The Betrayal


This song.  Talk about the soundtrack of my life... I was seriously obsessed with it in the nineties... pretty much anything by the Cranberries, such a big fan.  But this song in particular became a part of who I am, that and Zombie. Why?  You can just feel the angst and the Irish in her … Continue reading Linger

Buying a House and The Butterfly Effect

The year was 2008.  That is an important detail in this story.  It was 2008 and we had just looked at a couple of houses on the water.  It was little disheartening.  Most were too small, too weird or too much money.  Finally our tireless realtor, Marna showed us a house that was big enough … Continue reading Buying a House and The Butterfly Effect

The Play’s the Thing

(Prompts: Setting, Loath, Compatible, Play) Summer break is ending and I am loath to return to work.  I would find it much more compatible to stay home and play, but I must return to the school setting in two short weeks.  (Done.  All prompts in those two sentences.... ta da!) Seriously though, where did this … Continue reading The Play’s the Thing

Welcome Back

It is only August 4th.  There are still weeks of summer left.  Of summer, of morning spent reading and writing blog posts. Of sun, of relaxing afternoons reading escapist novels.  Thrillers with no no literary merit - the kind that suck you in and you read in a day.  But something about this rainy Saturday, … Continue reading Welcome Back