Welcome Back

It is only August 4th.  There are still weeks of summer left.  Of summer, of morning spent reading and writing blog posts. Of sun, of relaxing afternoons reading escapist novels.  Thrillers with no no literary merit – the kind that suck you in and you read in a day.  But something about this rainy Saturday, and the fact that I received my “Welcome Back” to the new school year letter that leaves me feeling a bit panicked!

Panicked because I do not want to give up the writing routine I have established. I have enjoyed writing pretty much every day this summer, even if I did not post it all, I wrote.  I went through a little slump in May, when The Daily Prompt shut it’s doors, I wrote, but mostly never posted.  What was the point?  My writing community was gone.  Boo!!  But s…l…o…w…y.. I have found some places to post my writing, fun places with fun people, fun places with fun prompts, just fun places in general.

1) Ragtag Community daily prompt – a fun group of writers a lot of whom I had been following already, so that was easy.  Even when your husband stands next to you with his stomach making a borborygmus noise, you have fun with these bloggers.

2) Your Daily Word: Nice layout — but truthfully I was drawn to the splendor of your pretty watercolory button.

3) Word of the Day Challenge.  Super clean, serene and easy to navigate, great words. And there are scrabble tiles people.

4) FOWC – Someone I follow used this tag, so I checked out this challenge. The cover picture seemed a little edgy, and maybe the blog is too, there is a different set of writers, so I am enjoying it also.

What these sites all have in common is that they are easy.  Easy to figure out and post to, if there are too many steps or layers or if I go back and CANNOT FIND the site, I give up quickly.  Yes, these are all very nicely done.

These sites all have really great followers and bloggers.  We read and comment on each other’s posts. A lot.  If I have time, I start at the top and work my way down.  If I am busy, I chose one or two tried and true bloggers, pace myself and read. I am starting to get a feel for some of these anonymous writers.  BUT, most importantly, I really, really appreciate the sponsors of these sites, I know it is not easy, but how generous to create this community of writers!

According to my Welcome Back letter, I have to report to work on August 20th.  Maybe I don’t have to give up my writing routine? Maybe it is OK just to read other blogs? Maybe work will provide new inspiration for blog posts??

person woman apple hotel
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

Prompts today: borborygmus : (a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines)  Splendor, Serenely, Pace


9 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. It is fun writing within a community. I was worried too when Daily Post ended so abruptly but it seems like a lot of people have stepped up with writing prompt posts or blogs. I hope new people can find them too and also that is as easy for them to use. At lot of people are like you — much rather work at the writing than lose time searching for a bad link or how to participate. Although I still do miss the big square photos of people’s featured image that used to appear as Daily Post’s pingbacks.

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  2. I’m dong only one prompt blog–this one! It’s all I can handle, because I have another blog that I write for daily; and I’m still working (age 71) so I can’t take on any more. Also working on a book (aren’t we all!). I really like RDP. Have met some new people, staying in touch with some old friends from Word Press. I’m amazed at the number of bloggers who are willing to host a prompt site for the rest of us.

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  3. An island in Alaska sounds rather bleak, to someone from England. But i am guessing it has a lot of natural beauty. Thanks very much for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


      1. I will look that up now. Norfolk is a peaceful country place, with lots of nice natural features. But we have no hills or mountains, no waterfalls or blue seas. We have great history though, lots of that.
        I just looked it up. Nice waterfront, lovely scenery.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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