Getting an “A”

It was the day before the end of a school quarter when we learned that Laura had not turned in a major school project.  Apparently, it was a "partner project" and, Lucky Laura, her partner was a flake. Laura does not like confrontation, but we stood beside her while she called her partner.  As we … Continue reading Getting an “A”

Pokemon Go

Last July we were in Seattle playing tourist.  Scott, Laura, Gracie and I decided to visit the World of Wearable Art exhibit at the EMP museum in the Seattle Center.  It was a sunny day and we were walking across the grassy grounds when we observed Gracie exhibiting very unusual behavior.  She would stare, STARE … Continue reading Pokemon Go

Homage to Haleakala

Almost one year ago Scott, Gracie and I attended a mini family reunion in Maui.  Scott and I have taken the girls several times and there was only one thing left on our bucket list.... Sunrise on Haleakala! I was going to do this thing!  My enthusiasm was met with "We will see," and "Not … Continue reading Homage to Haleakala

My Corner of the World

My daughter Laura, who lives in the south has been hit with thunderstorms and rain all summer.  Last night a Category 4 hurricane hit land not far from where she lives.  By comparison, my daughters, Sarah and Gracie, live in the Pacific Northwest and they are experiencing a record breaking number of days without rain, … Continue reading My Corner of the World

Life with Ernie

One fall day my dad brought home a baby raccoon. It was a present for my sister.  We lived in Alaska at the time and had never seen one before.  None of our friends had ever seen one either.  I know some of you immediately said "yuck!"  I recognize now that they are sort of … Continue reading Life with Ernie

Of Angels

For years she hung in the family home, sort of swallowed up by everything else there.  I secretly called her Genevieve, and it turns out that Scott secretly called her Emma.  In the end, her real name was Gladys.  I like Genevieve better. It was easy to miss her, she was small and dark, unsigned, … Continue reading Of Angels


A few years ago I bought a kindle.  I downloaded a few books and gave it a try.  There was something convenient about the size and weight, and easy, immediate access to books that was compelling.  I could throw it in by purse and have it with me anywhere, anytime. What I hated though, was … Continue reading Kindle


Word of the day: OOZE With a loud "POP" the can burst at the seam and the dough began to slowly ooze through the crack. Picking up the plate, she gave him a level stare then threw it towards him.  She missed. It hit the wall where it clung for a minute, then pasta and … Continue reading Ooze

Unique Blogger Award

Adventures of A Busy Mom!  I love her DIY/crafty, spiritual, storytelling blog!  Thanks so much for the nomination, my first! I was a bit of a "lurker" here on WordPress, even though I have been posting since October, I never went to "reader" or knew about prompts, challenges, community pool, etc.  After a commitment to … Continue reading Unique Blogger Award

First Steps

The unsteady stance of an infant learning to walk.  Clinging to furniture, a knee, his mother's hand.  Keys jingle, tempting him to step away from the solid safety. He steps once. Twice. With a third step and a lurch he reaches out and grasps the keys in his pudgy fingers.  He balances, unsupported and gleefully … Continue reading First Steps