Word of the day: OOZE

With a loud “POP” the can burst at the seam and the dough began to slowly ooze through the crack.

Picking up the plate, she gave him a level stare then threw it towards him.  She missed. It hit the wall where it clung for a minute, then pasta and sauce and plate began to ooze toward the floor.

It was a little hard to zip up my pants today.  When I did, I noticed a *little* tummy ooze over the top…. Uh oh.  Dreaded “muffin top.”

He left the cap off the toothpaste again this morning, and there it sat oozing out for the rest of the day.

The octopus could ooze through the tiniest hole in the tank, then through the tiniest pipe in his efforts to escape.

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