It’s Official

When I stepped out of the building on the last day of school this year, it was official, I could retire anytime I want.  I wanted to do a little happy dance, but restrained myself. I just cannot believe how quickly 20 years have passed. I stumbled into teaching about the same time my oldest, … Continue reading It’s Official


There is a "let down" when a wedding is over, the thing that has consumed your every waking moment for months is done.  The venue is cleaned, the lights returned, family  gone. You find yourself suddenly alone and exhausted.  The worry that kept you up at night slips away, you spend the next two nights … Continue reading Weddings

Harry Potter

So I heard on the news that "Harry Potter" was 20 years old yesterday!  It made me think of my Harry Potter story...... My dad was getting married, and a wedding guest and friend of his new wife was Terry Brooks ("Sword of Shannara"). We were very excited to meet him because he had just … Continue reading Harry Potter


One year ago. I boarded a plane in the morning, switched off my phone and read a book. It had been weeks of wondering and waiting, so I decided.... "The heck with it, I am going down there NOW!" I made a reservation the next morning, and now found myself sitting on the plane, headed … Continue reading Birthdays

Sunday Football

It is Sunday, which means a family pancake breakfast, maybe even with bacon, always with orange juice.  After our breakfast off to church.  Sometimes, sometimes we don't bother, there were months and years that we didn't bother, instead, we laze around a bit, perhaps make a half-hearted attempt at the homework we have put off.  … Continue reading Sunday Football