A Birthday Visit

I awoke this morning to the literal pitter-pat of little feet.  I haven't heard that in a long, long time.  You see, It is my birthday today.  The best present so far is a weekend visit from my daughter, who came to visit bringing  my 16 month old grandson.  They are spending the weekend.  I … Continue reading A Birthday Visit

Thank You Anne Lamott

Today I tripped. It was an awful fall. A fall down a flight of stairs. I didn't slide down, I didn't stumble or tumble.  I fell forward, face first.  The kind of fall that could break your arm, your neck or your back. Full disclosure here. I trip a lot. Some examples include, tripping on … Continue reading Thank You Anne Lamott

Eyes Open

My youngest daughter Gracie is traveling in SE Asia.  Now.  Right now.  She has been there since late August and will not return until mid October.  In spite of my fears, I have been a good mom and hopefully haven't projected my concerns and reservations and have supported her plans to go.  But I have … Continue reading Eyes Open

To Toast a Birthday

I just attended Nancy's 70th birthday party.  It was lovely.  Over twenty of Nancy's friends, a diverse group of women, represented by close friends, teaching colleagues, members of the book club, the quilt guild,  the investment club (Wait... .what? There was an investment club?).  There was wine and cheese and tears, because I am sorry … Continue reading To Toast a Birthday

What I Have Learned. What I Have Yet to Learn.

My latest project?  Writing a family history. When I was a child my grandfather  would tell wonderful stories about my ancestors.  There was a wall of photos in the hallway, dozens and dozens of them.  We would walk down the hall and he would talk about each one, breathing life into those old photos.  Relatives … Continue reading What I Have Learned. What I Have Yet to Learn.

Becoming a Hero

When I was seven or eight years old, my grandfather “saved” me, at least to my seven or eight year old mind it felt that way. It must have been the late sixties because Randy was pretty little. We were on a road-trip, a camping road-trip and we were headed to the Yukon. Our destination … Continue reading Becoming a Hero

Day One

Day one.  The buses are pulling out of the parking lot, I turn off the lights, lock my door and stagger out to the car.  I call my husband and uttered, "Pizza.  Pizza and wine."  Once home, my head hits the couch and I fall asleep. But in spite of how exhausting it is, I … Continue reading Day One

In a New York Minute

It was my daughter's senior year of high school and her ballet company was planning their trip to New York.  The New York trip is a BIG deal!  We live on an island in Alaska, about as far away as you can get. The fundraising took two years and was all-consuming, so yeah, it was … Continue reading In a New York Minute

Talking ‘Bout My Generation

Matt, a friend from way-back-when, was passing through town the other day and we found ourselves talking about the "old days."  I mean the OLD days.  I am talking 3rd grade, 4th grade, you know, the "GOOD old days," the days when we were growing up in a brand-new subdivision on what was then the … Continue reading Talking ‘Bout My Generation