Home REALLY is Where the Heart Is.

When I was in my thirties my parents sold our childhood home and moved into their dream home, designed and built by them with a yard big enough for huge gardens. Although I loved it, and I was so happy for my parents, I missed our comfortable old home, the one I was raised in, … Continue reading Home REALLY is Where the Heart Is.

What We Hide

With a hand on each elbow, the “kids” walked Marcy down to the yacht club. It was a lovely night, the moon shone on the water, and lights from the boats twinkled merrily. It was Marcy’s 80th birthday, and she had a secret. After toasts and well wishes, birthday cake nothing but crumbs, Marcy stood. … Continue reading What We Hide

A Bit of Daydreaming Never Hurt Anyone

While reading another blog, I saw that some people actually fit in several prompts in their post.  I tried it yesterday and had great fun, so here goes today's prompt with FIVE prompts.  See if you can find them. I am a teacher, yet I struggled a little in school.  I didn't fail or drop … Continue reading A Bit of Daydreaming Never Hurt Anyone

Travel VS Vacationing

When Scott and I FINALLY retire, when we look at ourselves in the mirror and recognize... we are not getting any younger, we both know we want to travel.  And that is very different than vacationing.  Vacationing is what you do with your family, it is about relaxing and recreating, grand-babies on a beach somewhere … Continue reading Travel VS Vacationing

Reflection: A Poem

Prompt: Reflection In this wet and wondrous world Where rain becomes Part of who we are, Tall trees are mirrored On glassy lakes. And reeds reflect in pockets of muskeg. The upsidedowness Of a mountain Or a boat On a windless ocean, A yellow daisy on a morning wet deck, A child's face Looks back … Continue reading Reflection: A Poem

Ketchikan: A Leap of Faith

Prompt Word: Zing It is that blueberry time of year.  Blueberry picking, blueberry baking and blueberry festivaling.  The festival, held the first weekend in August holds a special place in the hearts of our family.  It was on a Blueberry Weekend twenty-five years ago that we flew into Southeast Alaska for the first time, flying … Continue reading Ketchikan: A Leap of Faith

Time in a Bottle

Prompt: Time ~I am still not sure exactly how WordPress works.  I had just figured out about the daily prompt and then.... it was gone.  I am enjoying posting on RDP, I really like reading what the other Bloggers have posted.  A few days ago I saw a prompt that had a picture prompt.  I … Continue reading Time in a Bottle

All That Glitters….

.....is not gold. Prompt today: Gold Glitter.  Glisten.  Sparkle.  Shine.  What makes life Gold? Family and friends are the obvious first choice, but what is not so obvious, those little, tiny life details that glitter, glisten, sparkle and shine: Glitter, glisten Sparkle and shine. Glistening ocean Sunlight on waves Dance and shimmer. Sparkling water droplets … Continue reading All That Glitters….

What We Do

The prompt: Welcome Right now my phone is buzzing off the hook.  Usually when I get in one of those annoying text circles I get frustrated, and this time I am in several of those circles.. so my phone is "super-buzzing."  But I am not frustrated or annoyed this time.  This time I stop what … Continue reading What We Do

Summer Day, Long Ago

My Grandpa Finch is in the backyard.  It is New Mexico.  It is summer and it is hot.  I sit in the shade of the old apricot tree, sprawling branches hang low and the leaves are lush.  It is a perfect tree.  From that tree my grandmother put up jars and jars and jars of … Continue reading Summer Day, Long Ago