Travel VS Vacationing

pathway between green trees brown steel gate during daytime
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When Scott and I FINALLY retire, when we look at ourselves in the mirror and recognize… we are not getting any younger, we both know we want to travel.  And that is very different than vacationing.  Vacationing is what you do with your family, it is about relaxing and recreating, grand-babies on a beach somewhere warm.

When Scott and I travel, which we love to do, we learn.  We learn about the culture, history and constituency of the people from a different place.  Treading on ancient grounds we move with care and sensitivity, some of the places we have traveled have been around for a thousand years, we walk softly, speak quietly, look reverently.

That retirement bucket list?  Scott has one, I have one.  And while some of the things are wildly different, I am not really interested in learning to make artisanal bread or flaky Danish pastries and I am pretty sure Scott is not into quilting, I will go to culinary classes with him and he will visit fabric stores with me.  We compromise.  But, one thing we will never, never have to compromise on is travel.  It is at the top of both our lists.  Well, that and some beach time with grand-babies.


Prompts: Travel, Mirror, Constituency, Sensitivity

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