Time in a Bottle

Prompt: Time


~I am still not sure exactly how WordPress works.  I had just figured out about the daily prompt and then…. it was gone.  I am enjoying posting on RDP, I really like reading what the other Bloggers have posted.  A few days ago I saw a prompt that had a picture prompt.  I wrote a story to go along with the picture.  All set to publish and I could NOT find the prompt page to link back.  Now I have a seriously random post floating out there.  This seems to happen to me a lot. The other day I read a post I LOVED, I even shared it on my FB page, but dang if I cannot find it now.~

FOUND IT!! (Not exactly sure how to link, but click here)

The point of all this is that lost post.  It was about nostalgic songs.  It was SO WELL WRITTEN and evocative that it made my mind click and click and ideas flew like crazy.  You see, I have always wanted to write a collection of memories about “The soundtrack of my life.”  It was prompted when Tom Petty died.  So. Many. Memories.   Anyway this lengthy introduction and this wonderful prompt leads me to a small paragraph ….. The old Jim Croce song, “Time in a Bottle.”

It is 1973 or 74.  I am a pre-teen, not quite angsty (yet) but very impressionable.  My mother and I are in the kitchen, we are always in that kitchen, so many of my memories are from that kitchen. There we are,  cooking?  Cleaning? Who knows, but “Time in a Bottle” comes on the radio.  We stop what we are doing and we sing along.  We know every word, it is just so singable.  It is the first song that I remember that makes my heart ache.  Possibly because Jim Croce, the singer had just died in a plane wreck and it was Just.  So.  Ironic.

It was possible the song was overplayed due to his death, but that wasn’t a thing for me back then, I just knew I loved this song.  It had been followed by the fun and funky “Leroy Brown” which my friends and I would belt out at the top of our lungs.  Jim Croce, iconic handlebar mustache, “Time in a Bottle,” tragedy and irony.

3 thoughts on “Time in a Bottle

  1. Thanks for sharing the link. It was an interesting read. I love your idea for the ” Soundtack of My Life”. Sometimes we don’t ever realize the memories we have hidden until we hear a song! Have you heard of Georgia Heard and her Heart Maps, way of recording ideas for stories that matter. They can be about anything; special places, first/last times, gratitude maps, the list goes on, and from that Penny Kittle talks about Music of my Heart, as she says “our hearts hold hidden play lists.” Thanks for your post, it is a great response to the prompt time!

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    1. No, I haven’t heard but will have to look that up. That is so true about those hidden memories. It is funny, but smells do that to me also. Cranberry bushes in the fall take me right back in time. The smell of rain on hot cement? I am a kid in New Mexico again.

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