Top Ten

I generally ignore Top Ten lists that float around Facebook, but when I saw the Top Ten Albums list, everyone sharing an Album a day that influenced them, I *secretly* wanted to be nominated. Just when I thought I never would, someone did! The only problem were the "rules." "10 albums which have greatly influenced … Continue reading Top Ten

Music Makes Me…

Like so much of my writing, this blog will begin with: "I read this post on Facebook." It was from the New York Times and it asked.... "5 minutes that will make you love classical music."  The gist was, what five minute section of a classical song would you play for someone to make them … Continue reading Music Makes Me…

Time in a Bottle

Prompt: Time ~I am still not sure exactly how WordPress works.  I had just figured out about the daily prompt and then.... it was gone.  I am enjoying posting on RDP, I really like reading what the other Bloggers have posted.  A few days ago I saw a prompt that had a picture prompt.  I … Continue reading Time in a Bottle

Ireland, I Offer This Toast!

St. Patrick's Day is near, near enough to make me think of Ireland.  Near enough to make me think of Ireland and family history. Ireland and Mark Hunt, an ancestor of my husbands who left his descendants a gift.  A gift in the form of a journal from a childhood spent in Ireland. This gift, … Continue reading Ireland, I Offer This Toast!