Music Makes Me…

Like so much of my writing, this blog will begin with: “I read this post on Facebook.”

It was from the New York Times and it asked…. “5 minutes that will make you love classical music.”  The gist was, what five minute section of a classical song would you play for someone to make them love classical music?

Not especially a  classical music fan, I googled and played the first one I saw in the comment box.  “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven.  Within seconds I was near tears. Of course I have heard this song before, but maybe I was younger.  Maybe it was in the soundtrack of some movie, but it had not had this effect on me.  I listened to the full five minutes and found myself very emotional.

I quickly looked up the second, Bach Air (on G string) and found myself all teary.  So light and delicate, so lovely. Vivaldi. A little more cheerful, but still it evoked a strong emotion from me. and memories of walking along Venetian canals, posters plastered on walls advertising recitals in ancient churches. Pachabel. All those PBS photo slideshows of my childhood emerged.

Song after song… The Ride of the Valkyries.  So powerful.  And no, Apocalypse Now was not my first thought upon hearing it, instead it was a Wearable Art show from fifteen years ago.

Such a variety of songs… some wispy and delicate, some war-like and powerful, but all of them moved me in some way.

Yes, that Facebook post was a rabbit hole.  I spent 45 minutes toggling back and forth between the reader’s suggestions from the NYT post and Youtube Music channel.  An overindulgence?  Maybe, or Maybe I will create a new channel on my Pandora… “Classical Music?”

Read the article here…. NEW YORK TIMES



5 thoughts on “Music Makes Me…

  1. I’m with you – this music brings me to tears also! I’m no expert but became quite familiar with it when my daughter studied classical music in school. I miss listening to her practice, but luckily she still plays so we get to attend her occasional concerts. Nice post!

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  2. I remember listening to some of those songs when I was too young to appreciate the musicianship, but still they made me feel emotional, and I didn’t always understand that, either. Now? I love it, all of it. It still has such appeal, even after centuries have passed.

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