Worse Than Karaoke

assorted color led lights
This is sort of what it looked like from the stage.

Last night I did the scariest thing in the world.  I told a story at a “Story Slam!”  It was really full and the lights were really bright and my legs were shaking really bad.  It was  really crazy!

The theme was, “Where there is smoke there is fire.”  I didn’t even know the theme when I showed up, a friend had invited me last minute.  I sat there in that intimate little club, a hundred stories swirled through my head and suddenly a light-bulb went off.  I had the perfect story! Granted, it was short and did not necessarily paint me in the best light, but it was literally… smoke and fire.

(I have written about this before…. story number three in this blog post… Fight or Flight?)

Speaking up there was worse than Karaoke, because… let’s face it, when you sing karaoke, you are usually pretty drunk and in this case I was not.  The lights were so bright, I really couldn’t make out anyone, except those friendly faces in the first row.  My hands!  I was not sure what to do with my hands.  Should I grip the mic?  Tuck them in my pocket?  Clasp them in front of me?  The story came out pretty seamlessly, a little rushed and only one moment where I paused to search for the best word to describe something.  In the end, I forgot a few things,  but I did it!

So here is the funny thing.  It was a work night. The last story-teller went on about 9:30.  I waited, because that is the polite thing to do.  As soon as he was done we bundled up and headed for home – it was dangerously close to our bedtime and I was cold, the pub was drafty and it was cold outside and I just wanted to get home under a blanket.  And that is where I was, under my blanket when a friend texted that I had won second place!  My prize? A durable little wooden dog puzzle.  Simply adorable.  So maybe I should have stayed, but I honestly did not think I would win!

That was my big adventure this week.  Putting myself out there.  It is really a good and healthy thing to put yourself out there!  I am glad I did it, although I am not sure I will do it again, that kind of shaky sweaty palm thing is stressful.

This is not really a challenge, but a question.  How have you put yourself out there?

Here is a link to The Moth, an NPR show that the Story Slam is modeled after.  It is a favorite, I wait passionately for new podcasts, I am simply smittened for the show.


Prompt words: Intimate,  Passion, Smitten, durable

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