The Best Kind of Picture

In the better late than never category, I decided it was high time I jotted a little something about the Holidays.


There is picture my husband has on his phone that sums up the tone of our Holidays.  It is in the cabin we rented at the Ski area.  He took it from the loft looking down.  Everyone was busy.  Grandma Nancy was in the kitchen doing dishes, Laura and Gracie are trying on Ski goggles and laughing at how silly and bug-eyed they look.  David is pulling up wool socks.  Sarah is sweeping up feathers from the down couch that deflated visibly during our stay,  and Katie is moving a chair. Always moving chairs.

Books are piled everywhere – Books were our Christmas theme this year.  Mexican Train stands waiting on the shelf, snow is piled up to the windows and as the house warms up large shafts of snow and ice cascade off the roof and we all stop and watch. From the window you can see the sun on the mountains across the valley and the tree branches heavy with snow.

There  is food, bags of oranges and apples.  Costco sized bags of snacks and dishes of nuts and candies all up high where Weston cant get them.  So much food.  Bottles of Booze. Our “signature drink” this time is sort of a pomegranate punch.  A little sparkly, a little sweet. There is some mulled wine that everyone politely tastes then secretly pours out. After dinner walks are rewarded with quiet, drifting snowflakes and magical twinkle lights.

Svend, Sarah and Axel drive up to join us and share a meal with my Brother and his family of five.  It is loud and lively and I pause to look around and soak it in.

The next day it will rain and we will load up in two cars and Visit Leavenworth, a sort of Bavarian Disneyland – complete with magical twinkle lights and town plaza sledding hill lined with delighted families.  Food stands with wurst roasting in beer gardens piqued our appetites  – Dinner will be traditional German fare, served at a long plank table shared with a young couple who smile at Weston as he plays with the table decoration.  The food is delicious, the ambiance is cozy and warm after an hour or two in the sleeting rain shopping in kitschy little Bavarian themed stores.


That night the rain turns to snow and we awake to a winter wonderland.  Scott and David load Weston onto a sled and the rest of us drive to a stunning resort where we spa all day.  Massages and toe-nails, hot mineral pools out in the snowy garden, steam rooms and mimosas.  Curled up in front of a roaring fire with our books.

Of course there were days with skiing, one group and then another.  Slow motion beginning skiers, just learning and others dashing off to get a few runs in.  New Years Eve tubing at night on a spectacularly scary hill.  The next day we are all a little sore, but survived unscathed, no blood or broken bones.

But back to that picture Scott took. The highlight of the picture is Weston.  Sweet little naked Weston. Naked with a New Years Eve party hat on.  He is headed purposefully into the kitchen to once again turn all the lights off, because that is what you do when your are two years old.

OK.  Full disclosure… while there IS a photo of naked Weston in a New Years Eve party hat, and it does sum up the fun and frenzy of our Christmas gathering, his mother would not be happy with me posting it, the rest are just pictures I carry in my mind’s eye. But those are the best kind of pictures… right?

Allright… Here are the details….

Andreas Keller Restaurant in Leavenworth:  Andreas Keller
They don't take reservations.  Put your name on the list as soon as
you arrive in Leavenworth - then go shop!

Leavenworth WA is absolutely enchanting! ; Leavenworth


Load up on mustards, krauts and your own sage and spice infused bratwurst at Cured:  Cured

Snoqualamie Ski Area, WA: Summit at Snoqualamie

Wonderful cabin near the ski area: Hyak Cabin
Note: This is near East Summit which we think 
closes on week Days.  I would check that out if 
you are looking for a ski in and ski out place. That
Said it is a two minute drive to the bigger ski

Spa at Suncadia Resort: Gladespring Spa

Scary Tubing Hill for thrill seekers: Summit Tubing

Prompt word: Pique, sage (and yes, sage IS an ingredient in wurst) enchantment and blood.

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