A Pinterest Sort of Loneliness

Three days.  She had done nothing but look at Pinterest for three days.  Scrolling and scrolling. Scrolling past pasta and puppies, quilts and cakes, DIY and reclaimed wood. Picture after picture. But today she stopped, carefully zoomed in.  "I can build that," she whispered, “I can do it!”  She went to her potting shed, another … Continue reading A Pinterest Sort of Loneliness

The Storm Will End

The prompts for the day (Monsoon, Renewal, Energetic and Gullible) seem to warrant a poem.. one of them was tricky and a little embarrassing to fit in, but lets see if you can find the awkwardness. The Storm Will End We see a broken shore Slate slate skies Tempest breezes Touch our face Energetic, angry, … Continue reading The Storm Will End