The Storm Will End

The prompts for the day (Monsoon, Renewal, Energetic and Gullible) seem to warrant a poem.. one of them was tricky and a little embarrassing to fit in, but lets see if you can find the awkwardness.

The Storm Will End
snow covered trees under cumulonimbus clouds
Photo by Rodolfo Clix on
We see a broken shore
Slate slate skies
Tempest breezes
Touch our face
Energetic, angry,
Whipping winds
Through tendrils
Of hair.
We cover our ears
Against the monsoon sound,
Clashing, cracking
Any other place
And this storm would
Here we wait
Anxious.  Gullible.
We ask ourselves
"Will it end?"
Windows battened
We wait for the renewal
Pray it will come,
That moment
Dissipation, cessasation,
Clouds parting.
Weak sunlight
Shining palely
Warming our bodies,
Our hearts
And calming our fears.


6 thoughts on “The Storm Will End

  1. Okay, maybe I’m way too gullible, but I saw a very pretty picture of clouds over a valley and some mountains and the words “The Storm Will End.” And then a whole lot of blank space to scroll down (at least on my iPhone). Was “The Storm Will End” the poem you were referring to?


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