Ketchikan Perspective

Ahhh…. The prompt word is “tender.”  I am late for work but am going to post what first comes to my mind when I think of this word.  Tender. The first word is not the sweet way a mamma holds a new baby, or the way lovers might look at each other.  No.  This time of year tender makes me think of a big, smelly, floating fish factory!

The silvers are running and it is beautiful here.  Although it is not full, the moon is spectacular.  All harvesty orange and glowing on the water.  The sunsets have drawn us every night onto to the deck to watch the last pinks in the sky.  And what we love about this time of year are the tenders out on the Narrows.  From afar they are brightly lit busy little cities that work 24/7.  They are almost magical, and they come every fall.  They come for the silvers and the chum.

We like our deck and our view.  A lot.  And this is what we like looking at the best.  The only thing that beats it might be a brightly lit ferry on an icy winter night.  I have been playing with my camera trying to capture what the tenders look like… I will take a few this morning as well… but hurry! hurry!  I will be late to school on my first day.



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