No, She Doesn’t Have a Name

“What’s her name?” People ask when they meet my cat.

“Ummm….” We stammer a little, does it make us bad owners that we don’t have a name for her?  “Kitty, her name is Kitty.”  Which isn’t entirely the truth.  When my daughter was much younger she named her the same name as her friend who had moved out of town, a friend she missed very much.  She called her Lexus.  But I couldn’t call my cat the same name as a kid who just had breakfast with us, so we reverted to “Kitty.”  Lexus moved, we never really heard from her again and soon enough, even my daughter forgot the name.

It might have been misleading to say you would have met her and asked her name.  If you were a stranger you  would never have met her.  Just ask my house sitter who did not see her for the first five days.  She is the epitome of “scaredy cat.”  Once she does know you, her love can be overwhelming.  But always on her terms.  If she doesn’t want to be petted, she will bite you, or scratch you.  And if does want to be petted, she is pretty aggresive.

I know she sounds terrible, and she is kind of terrible.  The worst cat we have ever had, but we are kind of used to having her around, so we will keep her safe and fed and loved.

Pay attention to MEEEEEEE!!!!

And…. here is a meme that describes life with our cat and how they communicate perfectly:



A classic family favorite and nick name for Kitty (sung in perfect harmony of course):




And one day my kids came home from school singing this song they had learned in music class.  It is the WORST song I have ever heard, do not listen if you are a cat lover, but listen if you are morbidly curious and want to be shocked that they sang this song in an elementary school:


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