Toast for Sarah, Written by Scott

Toast for Sarah

Some of you may know I am an attorney. Attorneys get paid by the word, and last week I was working on a court filing which is 52 pages but we call it a “brief”. This is a little shorter.

I get to say something about Sarah and Katie, or at least to them. If it is pretty good they may not remember. If it is stupendously awful, they will remember it well.

Family is important because it is where you come from and where you are going. They are always there. A marriage is a joining of family. Katie, this means that from now on the gloves are off.

Sarah comes form a long tradition of strong women. 100 years ago this year my great grandmother Theresa Crowley was presented with the quill pen used to sign the legislation for women’s suffrage by the Governor of Massachusetts for her work with the suffrage movement in Massachusetts. Her sister was the head of the movement in Rhode Island.

As the oldest grandchild Sarah was ensured a special place in the hearts of her Pooh and Grandma Betsey and Granddad Thor and Grandma Nancy. She lived with lots of attention and love, and lots of expectations. She held up very well under the pressure.

My daughters have been the biggest thing in my life, which is appropriate since they are the best lasting evidence I was here. I love to brag about them. Did I tell mention how in 8 years of high school and college soccer Sarah was team captain 7 of her 8 years, and was an NAIA all American?

Sarah sees a lot of things in black and white. She has compassion for the weak, but no patience for the mean or rude. She, like her Pooh, her mom, heck, all of the Finches, has a short fuse, so it is good that she be joined by a life partner who is a calming influence.

Sarah can be like her Mom. She exhibits some of the characteristics I love most about her mom. She has energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for life. She is kind to animals, and tells me what not to wear. These traits in Beth have made me very happy over the years, and I hope that Sarah has the same effect on Katie.

Some additional advice for Katie in dealing with the Finch personality, When you are wrong, apologize. When you are right….keep your mouth shut. Also, give them time to think and they will calm down and think rationally and do it your way…..maybe.

It helps to have your own inside jokes to relieve tension. If I can be one of them, so much the better. The cat said what?

Sarah’s mother and I wish you both the best in your lives together.

You can take a drink now, to Sarah and Katie.

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