Love Story Unfurled

Love Story Unfurled

On October 1st, 1960, In a dusty little Arizona town, found along Highway 66 two cars meet.  One is coming from LA to the west, the other from Albuquerque to the east.  It is a halfway point.AZ_State_Route_66

In the car from LA is a young woman, blonde hair pulled into a ponytail that swings when she moves her head, her eyes are bright blue.

In the car from the east in a young man, slender in a dark suit, handsome in a James- Dean- sort- of- way.

Three months before, the young woman had stepped off a train in a crisp white nurse’s uniform, hat pinned carefully into her French Twist, she picked up a phone and dialed the number of someone she had never met before.  She read Karouac while she waited for him.  He picked her up, his copy of Karouac on the front seat of the car.

Three days later she stepped back on the train, she had to go back.  She had to finish school, but she wore an engagement ring and she had a promise to meet, October 1 in Kingman, Arizona, it was a halfway point. They would bring their families and they would get married.

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