Those Uninspired Days

The View from my window on a Willy-Nilly kind of day


The wind is blowing outside, the rain is falling, fog dense, clouds heavy around the house and on the water.  It is a blustery day, leaves carried Willy-Nilly.  It is too early for Autumn, but my trees look a little weary and my plants a little battered.It is a good day to do something inside.  Uninspired, I stare at the screen, I don’t think I will write.  I finished my reading my book and nothing else looks good, so I don’t think I will read.  Scott and I are trying to cut back a little so I don’t think I will bake.  The house is pretty tidy, I could clean, but really don’t want to. It is too dark to quilt or paint or do anything that requires light, beautiful light.  I promise myself to stay off social media, will not turn on the TV, even though the newest season of Project Runway has started.

So here I sit, uninspired, writing anyway, trying my darnedest to work the phrase Willy-Nilly into a post.  Looking out the window I think I will put on some tea and google how to get stains out of Vintage Linens.

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