April Poetry

I set a challenge to write a poem a day, because it is April, because it is Poetry month – and so far have been*OK* about meeting that challenge.  Why do the mornings go too fast for me to finish a poem, why does my husband talk to me at just the wrong time?  Anyway, it is Saturday morning, a LOVELY spring day.  I have my computer, my coffee and my dog and we are sitting on the deck and I am determined to finish this before I start my day.

flight of birds
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com
Sitting in the morning sun
On a warm spring day,
I am aware -
Aware of all the 
The sounds that
Surround me.
The occasional car
Whooshes by,
But mostly
It is peaceful
And Calm
And I hear the
Ocean - waves lapping.
I hear the birds
Pipeing, singing. 
Such a variety.
Seagulls, busy, busy
With their characteristic calls,
Diving, screeching and squabbling.
Ducks and geese
Waterbirds who with a rush 
Of flapping wings
Fly low over the 
Glassy water.

I watch a pair of eagles
Moving soundlessly,
Specks against the clouds.
A little black-capped chickadee
Came to call,
She sat on branch near me
and sang a little song
To make sure I noticed
Her.  She was sweet,
Black, white and a 
Little russet along her back.
My mother's favorite
Little bird
Stopping to say hello
On this noisy
April morning.


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