Reading Respite

Halfway through Poetry Month.  Looking back, I can tell poems that were a chore… rushed to meet some self-imposed participation deadline, and the ones that easily came to me.  All in All, it is great fun to explore poetry!

full length of man sitting on floor
Photo by Pixabay on
While that cyclone 
Called LIFE whirls
Outside these doors,
My bright little library
Filled with cheerful books,
Lining shelves
Neatly, Neatly
Offers welcome.

In spite of that,
it is not a quiet library,
No -Shhhhh- from me,
But perhaps a 
"Walk please,"
Or a "Share please."
Instead it is filled
With busy sounds,
Pondering puzzles,
Rustling Legos,
Sharing or books,
Discovering the world of

There *are* those
Quiet moments,
Moments to open a book
Explore a new author
Thrill at the beauty 
Of illustrations.
Moments where I 
Of Time.
Here, during this
Moment of respite,
in this little library.


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