A Poem a Day, a Day too Late

I VOWED I was going to write a poem absolutely ever day in April!  I did it last year and had so much fun!  Of course yesterday slipped by and I forgot.  The upside is, I *did* remember today…. So… here you go, a Poem A Day, A Day Late.


It is the simple things -
The sweat on my brow.
The sun on my skin.
And the fatigue
In my arms.
The glint of a shovel
In this stretch of black earth underfoot.
The darkness and heft of it -
The spring-time rich smell.

Although my arms ache
And the sun beats down,
It is those things
That keep me out here
Here in this little
Patch of damp earth
That keep me out
And bring me joy.

Joy and Satisfaction 
With a hard job
Done well and
The promise of
Summer bounty.
A bounty of blossoms
Birds, bees.


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