Fierce Kitty: A Poem

Poem 2 for a Poem a day in April!


close up of calico cat beside brown furniture
Photo by halilibrahimctn on


A spring rain 
Falls suddenly,
Kitty and I are drenched.
We seek a warm corner,
I with tea
And kitty 
Wary for danger.
My fierce kitty
Chases her tail.
She sees it 
Out of the corner 
Of her eye.
She watches.
And waits.
Such a patient kitty.
So so slowly,
And carefully,
Articulating each movement,
She prepares to
For half a wild second
It tries to get away.
But my brave kitty
Is too fast.
She looks at me
No sign of penitence,
Tail under paw,
And I know 
It is for me,
This gift of a tail,
And I call her
Smart Kitty,
Fierce kitty.


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