Partly Paisley

I saw this prompt and it made me think of my mother.  It was the sixties and she was dressed to go to a party and  as I watched her get ready, I thought she was so beautiful.

I am little
And the world is
Full of 
Wonder like a
Velvet Jacket,
Partly Paisley.
A crepe skirt
Floaty and airy.

I run my fingers 
Down the sleeve
Give in to the
Elemental urge and
Lay my cheek 
Against the softness
To lean against
A swirly skirt
Light and dreamy
Dancing around me,
A Measured meter,
And I am
Lost in the folds
of the thing,
little arms
wrap around
strong legs,
Walking now in
Silky stockings.
Her hand touches my hair,
She smiles
And looks back
To the mirror.


Prompt words: Elemental, Walk, Meter

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