Poem #23

It is a rainy, blustery, stormy day here in my little town. Most likely because of this, there is no internet service. Not on my phone, not on my computer, not on my husband’s computer. Because of this, I cannot upload my 24th poem in April. (Until later, when it comes back up.) And even worse I have to write without knowing the prompt word!

I cleverly over-rode the wireless and looked up the word on my phone, and actually tried to type the poem, but auto fill and fat fingers made it challenging.   Here goes…. Poem number 23.


Scan 2
Gator with my daughter and my father at our family cabin.
Yesterday I saw a dog
He wasn’t barking
Or doing anything
To draw attention
To himself.

He sat patiently
In the back of a truck
Waiting for his
Owner to come out.
He hardly paid
Attention to me.
But I could not
Look away.

Looking at him
Memories of a
Childhood dog rushed
To the surface.
Memories once
Distant and Vague,
Now crisp. Clear.
A fine old dog,
So similar to this one
That they would be hard
To distinguish.

Memories of leaning
Leaning against 
His sturdy back
Reading a book.

Fourth of July
Trips to the
Family cabin.

Wrapping my arms
Around his big neck.

The feel of his
Silky fur, 

The deep, rich
Brown of his eyes,

He is
Years gone now,
And yet, there,
There in that
Parking lot,
It was like he
Was here yesterday.

This new dog,
This gray muzzled
Dignified old fella,
Sitting and waiting
Made me pause.
Made me pause,
Just long enough
For those memories.
Those memories that brought
A tiny
Little catch,
A tug
In my heart.


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