Dream Catcher

Because I cannot believe how busy I feel, and how guilty I feel not meeting my goal of posting.  A poem a day in April….

selective focus photo of gray and black dream catcher
Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

Dream Catcher

I cannot believe

The hustle and the bustle of it.

The crazy, chaotic

Spin of it.

And yet,

It feels like just yesterday

The nights were long

And empty,

The skies hung slate,  Gray.

During that winter weather,

Curled in my blanket

There is a longing for this busy time of the year.

When planting must be done,

Seedlings settled,

Tucked into the warm earth.

When houses must be cleaned

Floors scrubbed,

Windows washed,

And cupboards dusted.

But when it – that busy spin- is done,

I sit on my deck,

Sun warming my face with

Sparkling beverage in hand,

I look back,  and I appreciate those

Silver winter nights –

I do not miss them.

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