Poem #20

20 is an impressive number!  I am pretty proud of myself.  I am someone who has never really written poetry.   Well.... enough of that.  The word today is authentic.   I wake to the sound of eagles. The sow and cub Lumber through In the spring. The seals frolic At the shore, I stop To … Continue reading Poem #20

Poem #19

Continuing with a poem a day in April.  Today the prompt was "parallel."   Deep under the blanket Flashlight on Pages turn Late into the night Taking me to distant Worlds. Taking me to parallel Civilizations. Lived on the roofs Of Oxford, Taking me to Fantastic places Accessed through Wardrobes, Looking glasses, Rabbit's holes, Round … Continue reading Poem #19

Poem #18

Continuing a poem a day for the month of April.  Word today?  Genie. ("Rub the lamp," he said. "Make a wish.") Just the other day, We were talking If I could go back In Time,turn back the clock. What would I choose. What would I wish? I would choose the Admiralty Days. When the kids … Continue reading Poem #18

Poem #17

For poetry month. We angst About what is next with Endless conversations. We worry About what to do. Weighing the Possibilities. We fret About things we Cannot change And yet. We try. And through it all, We know to Be grateful For what we have. We remind ourselves Live in the moment. We stop To … Continue reading Poem #17

Poem #16

Today.... per the word of the day... I shall "crank" out another poem! ANYWAY.... Yesterday we went for a walk around the lake.  My husband started to get a bit frustrated (LOL) as I stopped to look at the flora and fauna.  Up close.  I smelled it, ran my hands over it looked at how … Continue reading Poem #16

Poem #15

April is poetry month.  I challenged myself to write a poem a day!  It seems like I have been particularly inspired by the weather.  But today my poem is about the concert I went to last night, link below.   Out the road Is a little club Rustic and Charming. Most Often filled with song. … Continue reading Poem #15

Stopping for Lunch

While out and about, running errands, Scott and I decided to stop for a lunch date, our energy depleted.  We rarely do that, and even more rarely do we stop at The Landing, and if we DO go to the Landing, we usually go upstairs to the pub, not the diner downstairs. But today we … Continue reading Stopping for Lunch

Poem # 14

It has been harder than I imagined writing a poem a day! I thought I would have more time to read poetry to get inspired to write poetry.  I thought, "They are short, you can whip one out easily!" But no.  Ideas are hard, my creativity depleted. All that said, it has been a stretching, … Continue reading Poem # 14

Poem # 13

A poem a day in April - yet, here it is.  Friday.  Friday the 13th even.  And I am not inspired, not a glimmer of an idea.  So I look out the window and reflect on what I see.   The rain runs down my window It is dark and Gusty, wet. Cold. My coffee … Continue reading Poem # 13

Poem #12

Poetry month!!   Tonight I sat With my hands in my lap In a crowded room, Shoulder to shoulder Densely hot. And the power Swelling Was palpable. Measurable. Vibrating. Meant to Disrupt. Putting faith Where faith is Deserved, In this Band of Brothers. So yes, I will sit In a stuffy room, And clap for … Continue reading Poem #12