Poem # 14

It has been harder than I imagined writing a poem a day! I thought I would have more time to read poetry to get inspired to write poetry.  I thought, “They are short, you can whip one out easily!” But no.  Ideas are hard, my creativity depleted.

All that said, it has been a stretching, learning experience for me and I would do it again.

I am finding that this rainy, cold spring has been a common theme in my poetry.

IMG_8857 2
The rain was doing
Something exquisite
This morning.

The sun,
Pale through
The clouds
each ripple
each drop.

The sound of it
The rhythm of it
I couldn't
Look away.
The droplets
Hanging on the trees
were like
spun sugar.

The rain was
doing something 
magical this morning



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