Poem #11

April is Poetry Month! (Just a side note, an amazement to me.... When I post to the daily prompt, I always write FIRST then see what the prompt is.  I then return to my writing and figure out a way to make it work.  Today I had ALREADY used the prompt in my writing.) The … Continue reading Poem #11

Poem #10

April Poetry... Often I wonder And angst, I guess About how the Smallest Things could have Made the biggest Difference. One moment. One luminescent Moment. To have gone through the OTHER door.

Poem #9

A poem a day in April to celebrate Poetry month.   The rain returned Misty and drizzly Clouds heavy Gray Lying low in Valley and Foot hills. The rain returned Now I must Don my Raincoat, And rush to work.  

Poem #8

A poem a day in April, about oranges which are known to thwart illness. The scent of oranges Invited me To touch their glossy Skin Surprisingly soft, Supple I picked one up The fruit yielded gently, Loose in it's peel. Drops of water Beaded and shining On that smooth and Supple skin. Leaves Contrasting A … Continue reading Poem #8

Poem #7

A poem a day in April. And because of Spring  inchoate. (New word for my vocab!) Because Because I woke to the sun Streaming in the window In this rainy Little town After a dark and Dreary cold and Weary winter, I put on music Opened the window, Let the sun And the spring air … Continue reading Poem #7

Poem #6

Committed to write.  To write poetry. Every Day.  Every Day in April. Untitled I want to remember Have to remember My sister My beautiful sister The way she was When she was Young.


Because April is Poetry Month   Apres Ski Getting off the mountain After a day of skiing After a day of fresh air And Frigid winds Winds that make Your eyes water Winds that make Your cheeks red Your hands Warm Wrapped around a cup A steaming cup A blanket pulled Pulled around and wrapped … Continue reading #5

Poem #4

I hope to churn out a poem a day... because it is April. Sunny, Snowy Morning There is something about The whiteness, Snow covered mountains Trees Shore That glows when The sun touches them That makes my breath Catch in my throat, The weight of it. Pulling down branches Dusting the tops like sugar Reflected … Continue reading Poem #4

Poem # 3

Because April is poetry month... A poem a day. (I do get that this is sappy, but it is what kept floating to the top of my mind, today for poem #3.  I couldn't make it go away.) Weston Sloppy wet baby kisses Sticky hand on my cheek Wondering eyes, Wide and curious. Rosy Cheeks, … Continue reading Poem # 3

Poem # 2

Poem number two in my Poetry Month challenge. Second poem ever written.... here goes. Easter Brunch Today I sat with Those I love Radiant sun warmed us Food filled us Tears reminded us Laughter renewed us Today I sat With those I love