Poem #15

April is poetry month.  I challenged myself to write a poem a day!  It seems like I have been particularly inspired by the weather.  But today my poem is about the concert I went to last night, link below.


Out the road
Is a little club
Rustic and Charming.
Most Often filled with song.

Trees surround it,
Tall, majestic.
Sunset peeks 
between the branches
from the beach
And ocean below.

Twinkle lights
Wrapped,Twined around
Thick wooden beams,
Warm wooden walls 
Welcome you.
There is always
Keg beer....
Alaskan Amber
Coors Light
In plastic cups.

The food is folksy,
Make your own taco bar
Or maybe hot dogs
Or pulled pork.
Vats of Momma's
Homemade potato salad

Whatever event,
With tablecloths,
Birthdays or
With balloons,

Or an intimate 
Concert, where the
Flirts with
Colleen, or gives
Big love to Matt,
Whatever it is 
You know you are
In for a great time


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