Tide pool

It is a lovely spring day
And I am tempted to wander down,
Down to the water's edge
And explore the tidepools
Like I did when I was child.

I am tempted to scramble over rocks,
Slick and slippery.
Searching for sure footing,
Stepping with lightness and grace,
Maneuvering safe paths,
Looking for hidden pools,
Surface bright,
Bright and reflecting
the blue blue sky.

I am tempted to run my fingers
Run them through water, 
Surprisingly warm,
Warm and busy,
Abundant with Tiny little fish,
And crabs.
With Wispy bits of seaweed
A fluffy little anemone.

And this day my mind a shambles
And something is different.
I close my computer.
I adventure down and do it.
Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

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