Second Chances

It has been FOREVER since I posted… Life has been busy – between travel, moving and holidays, it is hard to get the time to write – Such a contrast to my sleepy summer schedule.

So I have been listening to The Moth Radio Hour pod-cast (NPR).  I recommend it for all writers!  It is such great storytelling, and I can never listen without a thousand stories of my own swirling around in my head.  Need inspiration?  Listen to The Moth!

Anyhoo…. The last one I listened to was called “Second Chances…”  I listened to it and immediately thought of my sister…  It was my inspiration for this poem!

photo of mountains during sunset
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When she succumbed
At last 
To the demons
She fought
We were in
A fight.

Hot, angry words
Followed by years-
Years of 
Frosty silence.
Hurt pride.
Smoldering anger.
A day of denial.
Years of anger.

But I always thought -
I always knew -
I was sure -
We would reconcile.
We would Forgive.
We would forget.
Move past the anger,
The hurt.

It was simply a matter
A matter of who...
Who would
Call who first.
Who would Beg forgiveness.
Who would Explain. 
Who would Cry.
We had done it before.
We had bared
Our hearts before.
I was sure,
Sure we would again.

It would not be me.
Not Me.
I was unshakable.
I was mad.
I was single-minded.
I was adamant.
Dumb, stubborn anger.
Before I knew it,
It became

I closed my eyes
And it was
Too Long.

Time and Distance
Made it easy to forget.
And I forgot.
Years went by
And I didn't even

And I got the call
And there she lay
Her breath harsh
And though she was
THERE, she 
Was really not THERE.

So I held her hand
I held her hand 
And listened to 
Her breathe.
I held her hand,
Her nails
Perfectly manicured
Of course.

I held her hand
That still morning
And watched the Sun,
The sun rising behind her
The mountains 
Silhouetted against
A pink and purple sky
And the air was cold
And Crisp
And Clear.
It was beautiful and
and the irony was

Since it was 
Simply a matter 
Of WHO would 
Ask forgiveness first,
I asked.
But of course she
Couldn't give it.


(Prompt words: Contrast, Doleful, Suspicious)


7 thoughts on “Second Chances

    1. HAHAHA… not invisible ink. It looks like it is there to me!! Must be something in how I formatted it. I will mess around with that (later… when I am not at work!!) and maybe you could look again later to see if it “appears.”


      1. Interesting. I see the poem when I view it in my Reader, but not when I go to your actual blog page. But maybe it’s because I’m reading it on my iPhone. Maybe?


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