Second Chances

It has been FOREVER since I posted... Life has been busy - between travel, moving and holidays, it is hard to get the time to write - Such a contrast to my sleepy summer schedule. So I have been listening to The Moth Radio Hour pod-cast (NPR).  I recommend it for all writers!  It is … Continue reading Second Chances

Wonder. One More Small Thought About Anchorage

Anchorage feels anonymous and distant until a stranger, an older woman with large arms and soft skin hugs me, looks at me, really looks at me like she knows me, and tells me I look just like my mom.  Suddenly, I am home again.  

What it Means to be a Family Dog.

This morning I woke up thinking about loyal, sweet Gwennie.  Even though she has been gone two years, I can still almost feel her.  Her head on the bed, staring at me, willing me to wake up.  Her toenails, click, click, clicking as she follows Scott's heel closely as he gets ready in the morning.  … Continue reading What it Means to be a Family Dog.