Another Weather Post….

The prompt is damp.  Damp is not a pleasant word and I am having such a pleasant morning!  (And yeah, Fandango… I tried, I cannot make beard work…I tried talking about rain in someone’s beard, but that felt weird for some reason…LOL) But here goes….

rainy rain raindrops window
Photo by Markus Spiske on

It stormed and rained and blew yesterday.  It was so rainy soccer fields flooded and games were canceled.  Flights were delayed.  Fog horns blew.  Friends stayed in pajamas all day and sent me texts about drinking coffee and reading books.  I, on the other hand, braved the elements and went to work.  My water proof coat (in Ketchikan we know the difference between water PROOF and water RESISTANT) was nearly wet through and clung to my arms damply.

This morning it is so beautiful outside.  The trees suffered a little from the storm, leaves some blown to the ground the others hang brightly, yet tentatively to branches.  But the air has this clean clean look to it. And it is pretty pristine around here, so that is saying a lot.  Where the water was choppy and foamy yesterday, it is clear and glassy today.

So damp was the prompt.  And once again I wrote about something as mundane as the weather.  But I don’t think you really have a concept of the role weather plays in our lives here in Southeast Alaska.  Ask anyone, it dictates our lives.  It has a personality.  It is the third person in the room with you.  Always.

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