Epic Fall


The prompt is fall.  Fall.  Fall, Autumn, my favorite time of year.  I was going to write about how lovely it is out today, how crisp the air is, how gold the light, but thought, no.  I have written about that before, and most likely will again, but I thought I would share an epic fall.  A fall that was not my finest hour.  Actually… it was quite embarrassing and a little cringe worthy.

beach cold crash foam
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


“Let’s Bob” Sarah grabbed my hand and pulled me to the ocean edge.  Scott and Laura were already far out, bobbing in the warm water of Maui.

Being in a swimsuit in the ocean was a HUGE reach for me.  I had searched on-line for months until I found a perfect ruched swimsuit and a black skirt that *just* covered my butt and thighs, giving me the confidence to walk around, a pasty white Alaska girl who had not seen the sun in three months.

Sarah and I wade out.  We get pretty far when the wave came at us.  “Stay with me” I cry and I cling to Sarah’s hand and turn to run.  The last thing I hear is my husband’s voice calling across the water, “Don’t run!!  DUCK UNDER!”

So of course I ran.  That wave pelted us from behind.  We fell.  We tumbled. We rolled. It was the weirdest feeling of my life.  I had no idea what was up or down.  At one point I was shot out of the water and I had a momentary glimpse of Gracie building a sandcastle on the shore before I was buffeted back down.

Eventually the wave spat us out onto wet, flat sand.  There I lay.  Face down with my modest little black skirt wrapped firmly around my neck.  Sarah was next to me.  Her cute little tube top bikini was around her waist. A couple of people on the shore clapped half-heartedly and then looked away.  Gracie never looked up.

There was sand EVERYWHERE.  Packed down my swimsuit, in my eyelids, caked to my scalp.  It did not matter how long I stood under that little shower on the beach it kept streaming out.  It was like a cheap shot… adding insult to injury.

It took two more trips to Hawaii before I would go into the water again, and only in a lagoon, and only with a boogie board to hold onto. Eventually, with slow baby-steps and a very patient husband I snorkeled!  And I snorkeled and snorkeled!  We even took a boat out to a pretty reef to snorkel.

In the end, I got beyond that epic fall….. but my family will never let me forget!

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