Gravina Morning

It is Friday and it is going to be a sunny day.  I find it hard to drag myself to work, I want to watch the busy busy business outside my window.  Planes and boats and clouds and sunshine. Watch the sun slowly warm Gravina Island outside my window. I stay a little Longer, drink another cup of coffee and enjoy these last few minutes of a beautiful fall morning.  If there was any justice,

photography of body of water
Photo by Willian Was on

I would call in sick and step on my deck and put my fingers in the dirt and play with my plants, but alas, I cannot.  So I slowly work toward the way out the door.

Gravina Morning

Big fat fluffy clouds
A Jaunty little boat
Lithe in the water
Cuts through the waves
Followed by a frothy wake.

The first morning sun
Is bright on the Mountains,
But where it is dark,
It is very dark.

Cold valleys and
Trees black in shadows
Wait for the fragile light
To touch and warm them.


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