A Little Help?

1 John 3:17

17 But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?

I woke up, grabbed some coffee and read today’s prompt, OPEN.  I thought, “Easy.  That will be easy.”  Finished up morning chores, scanned FB and saw this bible passage.  Actually, it was a very long video I have watched before demonstrating the “race of life” where people with privilege have the advantage.   It was sort of a cheesy video, led by a self help guru of some sort or some youth pastor.  But I watched it.  Again. But what I did not notice the first time was that it ended with a quote from the bible: 1 John 3:17.

Raised as an Episcopalian, I know how to “do church.”  But now? I do not go to church. I am not preachy.  I am not even sure I am religious, although I would call myself a seeker. A Christian with questions.  I want to go to church, but just haven’t found something that speaks to my soul.  So if you know me, you know it is WEIRD for me to be posting this bible quote.

The connection of 1 John 3:17 to the prompt OPEN is easy.  I guess it is a simple reminder to me to be open. To open my heart.  I so admire those friends of mine who have so much to give, have so much to offer, who are so open with their hearts.  I am choosing to see this prompt, this passage, as a challenge.

The challenge?  How can I “Open my heart?” Make meaning? (I know some of you will say… “See above… figure out the religion thing and your heart will be open and your life will have meaning…” For those that say that… I am working on this, I promise, but that is another blog.)

Religion aside, as an empty nester I can see the retirement light at the end of the tunnel.  Since I will have time.  Since I will have energy.  Since I have a background in education, I have been toying with a tiny idea in the back of my head and I am throwing this out there for my writing community – fellow bloggers and friends.  I would like to develop a curriculum that would help senior citizens tell their stories.  Help them write their thoughts and memoirs for their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. I got the idea last summer when I was working on my family history project and spoke with my aunt and dad, both in their 80’s.  They had such great stories.  They were dying to tell them.  I still get emails from my aunt when she remembers something. I have written them down and they will be available for my descendants.  And now? I would like to branch out and help others.

My question for you all…. Have you heard of anything like this?  Why re-invent the wheel if there is a great program out there?  Who would you reach out to in order to make this happen?  I am very excited about this and I hope, hope, hope some of you have some ideas for me!!

Happy Monday and have a great week!!

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