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Another great prompt and actually sort-of-perfect for this Friday the Thirteenth!  My mind just keeps jumping to the old Stevie Wonder classic, “Superstition.”  I am listening to it and grooving right now – (do you see how I got yesterday’s prompt in there too?)  I pulled up the lyrics for inspiration and boy-oh-boy did I have them wrong.

That absolutely drives my daughters crazy… I love to sing along with my music and if I am not sure what the song is saying I just make something up.  They hate it, but I am having fun.  A lot like a post I read yesterday about dancing.  I sing because I love it.  I sing while I work, I sing while I sew, I sing to my classes, I sing in the car.  I love it.

Anyway, back to Stevie Wonder…. this is how it goes:

Stevie Wonder sings: “Thirteen month old baby broke the looking glass…”

Mom sings: “Thirty year old ladies, walking in the grass…”

Stevie Wonder sings: “Keep me in your daydreams…”

Mom sings: “Keep me in your yayyaymmmsss (I don’t even try here)”

Now that I am singing, I guess I should.. Step. Away. From. The. Computer.  Yes, shut it down, blast some music and go unpack my suitcase from last week’s trip.  Do some laundry.  Walk the dog.  Plant those starts a friend gave me.  Make iced tea.  Thin the carrots.  Think about dinner…..

6 thoughts on “Superstition

  1. Thanks for mentioning the Stevie Wonder song. Its been wandering around in the back of my mind since I chose superstition as the prompt. I knew there was a song, and I couldn’t get it out of deep storage. You did, thanks! And I love your interpolated lyrics–they are fun!

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