Dappled Perfection

purple flower field
Photo by Natalie on Pexels.com

I ended a very long vacation yesterday and boy did my own bed feel good last night!  This trip was so long, so extended that what I did a month ago seems like a blur.  I actually regret that I did not take a break, give myself time to process the first part and then return to take the rest of the  vacation later in the summer.  (Note-to-self)  In any case, the trip ended Sunday with a visit to my brother and sister in law on their beautiful small farm on Bainbridge Island.

We toured the vineyard, the grapes just becoming tiny pearls and lavender fragrant and colorful, abuzz with bees.  Two sheep, Scarf and Mitten hid in the tall grass in a far corner, shy, busy, busy eating eating.  The flower gardens and vegetables drew my grandson as did the windfall apples, great things to throw for a dog.

The weather was lovely, warm, not too hot, a slight breeze made the trees rustle and sunlight shone through the branches, a dappled canopy on a table set with fruit and croissant.  We drank coffee and watched my grandson play reminiscing about our summer trip to France a few years back.

A while some of my vacation was a blur, true, what I do know is that every day was like this, perfect.  Different of course, but still perfect.

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