Prompt of the day target.  Target.  Is it sad to hat Target stores are the first thing that comes to mind. Oh this material world.

I have/ had an unusual relationship with places like Target. Like Fred Myers, like Macy’s or Nordstrom.  You see, for many, many years the small, isolated town where I lived had only a Five and Dime which sold everything from canaries to underwear  to fabric by the yard.  There were a few mom and pop shops, a few specialty stores. You could get really nice yarn here!  Eventually, and with great public discourse a Walmart moved to town. A baby Walmart actually, the tiny little version they put in small communities. Tiny yes, but powerful.  Eventually the five and dime stopped fighting and closed their doors taking a few mom and pops along with them.

So There we were, the girls and I hungry for any shopping opportunity other than Walmart!  When we hit the “big city” we would often designate some time to shop. Didn’t matter if we needed anything specific, we went.

A few years ago I was with my college aged daughter and needed her to wait to meet up with me. I happily suggested the mall. Her response?  Terrible idea. She had no money and that was not how she wanted to spend her time.

  • You know… now I feel exactly the same way   That is not how I want to spend my time  that said, there is still a bit of wonder when I walk into one of those mega stores.


First post post ever completed on my phone  who Hoo!



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  1. No worries. I’ve never been brave enough to try a blog post on my phone.

    I’ve never enjoyed shopping, so stores and megastores and malls have very little appeal for me. Just go in, get it, get back out.

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  2. I like malls for another reason. Here in Arizona, the summer days are generally over 100F/37.8C. I recently made a commitment to exercise daily because I am very out of shape. The mall is cool and welcomes walkers by opening at 6am, 4 hours before the shops do just for the walkers. Our local mall even hired a doctor to give a walking lecture once a month to anyone who wants to show up at 10am lecture day. It takes three circuits walked around the mall to finish the lecture with the doctor so I’ll probably only hear 2/3 of the lecture, lol.


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