Poem #27

A poem a day in April!  This is my 27th poem.  Ever.  A Notable achievement if I don’t say so myself.  (Do you see the prompt there?)

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 8.27.51 AM
A view along the docks.
It is a lovely afternoon
We promise the dog 
To go for walk
And find ourselves
On the docks.
The docks
A favorite place
For a sunny walk
On a lovely day.
We don't say much
Just walk
Watch, listen.
Listen to the sound
Of the water,
Breathing in,
Breathing out
Slap, slap, slapping
Gently on the bright sides
Of clean white boats
That bob with the
Waves and Tides
In their slips.
Fishermen are working,
Washing decks, 
stretching out nets.
Forever preparing.

We listen to seagulls
Always seagulls,
Now crying,
Unhappy that Kona is there.
A seal emerges for a
Short moment.
Glossy, black
Her eyes enormous,
Wet and dewy.
She watches us a bit
The slips back,
Back into the dark water.
We walk along on 
Bits of broken shell

The slight spray of 
Ocean mist
As the wind whips
up the water,
Spray light 
On our cheeks
Feels refreshing
On this warm afternoon.

We pass the pub,
Reaching out over the harbor.
Loud, laughter filled
And someone calls out
Someone waves.
Friends who have stopped
For a beer and conversation.
We wave back and continue along.

The dog is not happy
When we turn to go back,
Truthfully, neither are we.
So we make a promise,
A promise of another walk
On another day.

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