The Sun Came Out

Painted in WaterlogueAfter two months of cloudy, cold and rainy days the sun came out and it was glorious!  Suddenly the air was filled with the sounds of people, busy in their yards, busy on the water, busy recreating.  My Facebook feed flooded with pictures of people who had hiked here, gone to this lake there, laid on the beach or splashed in the surf wherever.  Me, with a book on the deck, soaking up the sun, I hear all those sounds and watch the harbor, the boats, the planes – big and small, come and go.

The water becomes this beautiful thing, most days slate and gray, but in the sun it becomes blue, reflected by blue, blue skies and the whitecaps sparkle. A few wispy clouds drift by. The sunlight on the mountains, on Gravina, creates deep shadows in mysterious valleys and in the mornings dense fog lays on the surface of the little lakes dotted there. Distant mountains hazy in the bright light, forward mountains blanketed in trees, shoreline littered with driftwood and bits of rock and beach.

When the sun comes out it is an industrious time.  Hammers pound, fixing siding and fences and decks and finishing projects.  The buzz of weed whackers and lawn mowers, and the scent of freshly cut grass fill the air.  With a surge, flight seeing planes take off, one after another, and soon they return for the next round, it is a constant sound.  Cruise ships crawl by, announcements carry over the water welcoming passengers to Ketchikan.

My plan today?  Water the plants, they actually need it.  Make some sun-tea, which is actually possible, read on the deck, because it is actually warm enough to do so and perhaps take a walk in the woods where it is actually a few degrees cooler. I might pull some weeds, I might wash the deck or even my car, I might paint that dresser out in the driveway.  The possibilities are endless!  I love when the sun comes out.

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