Another Weather Post….

The prompt is damp.  Damp is not a pleasant word and I am having such a pleasant morning!  (And yeah, Fandango... I tried, I cannot make beard work...I tried talking about rain in someone's beard, but that felt weird for some reason...LOL) But here goes.... It stormed and rained and blew yesterday.  It was so … Continue reading Another Weather Post….

For a Good Nights Sleep

The official countdown is on. In one week we will be sleeping in our new home.  It is exciting and frightening at the same time.  I have not slept the last three nights, thoughts such as "Should we plaster and touch up all the nail holes?" To "Did I make arrangements for the dog during … Continue reading For a Good Nights Sleep

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

So it happened.  There was a word prompt I have never heard of before.  I had to look it up.  Read the definition.  See the word used in a sentence.  After two or three dictionary sites, I understood how it worked - like it's very close cousin "sequel," the word was "sequelae." It isn't much … Continue reading Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

For My Sister

It is strange how grief will sneak in and get you.  Someone sent me a picture of the four  us when we little, little kids. Playing and jovial. Big smiles and happy faces. And there she was, and I just was stunned by her memory.  Memories burbled quickly to the surface. She has been gone … Continue reading For My Sister


The prompt word for the day is comeback.  Hmmm.... comeback.  I appreciate the prompts, (I really, really do... thank you, thank you) but I am sure you will agree this is a difficult one.  It will be interesting to see how other people traffic the word. (Prompt two: Traffic, my use of the prompt was … Continue reading Comeback

Birthday Gifts

It's my birthday!  Last night as I drifted off to sleep I tried to remember birthdays from my past.  From when I was a kid and others.  And it was hard. When I was kid, birthdays were simply not a big deal.  Yes.  There was cake, my Mother always baked a cake, but there was … Continue reading Birthday Gifts

Epic Fall

  The prompt is fall.  Fall.  Fall, Autumn, my favorite time of year.  I was going to write about how lovely it is out today, how crisp the air is, how gold the light, but thought, no.  I have written about that before, and most likely will again, but I thought I would share an … Continue reading Epic Fall

Gravina Morning

It is Friday and it is going to be a sunny day.  I find it hard to drag myself to work, I want to watch the busy busy business outside my window.  Planes and boats and clouds and sunshine. Watch the sun slowly warm Gravina Island outside my window. I stay a little Longer, drink … Continue reading Gravina Morning

This House

Scott and I sold our house.  The kids are gone, the house is big and rattly now.  In a fortuitous turn of events, we bought a posh new house, a lovely dream home.  It makes sense, but still I am sad.  We move out in two weeks and the house is getting echoey as we … Continue reading This House