Love Recognizes No Barriers

Love Recognizes No Barriers.

Maya Angelou

The other day I was in the library and it was time for the kindergartners to leave. “Let’s clean up everyone, it is time to go back to class.” Aamir’s little shoulders lowered as he let out a big, sad sigh. “Oh No! What’s the matter” I asked.

He got close, put his little face next to my ears and whispered, “I just love you.” Ahhhhhhh! What do you say? For the record? “I love you too” is what you say!

It reminded me of my grandson, Weston, who is three and a half. He is a little less generous with his “I love you’s” but he has an awful lot of “best friends.” As in… one night we are all eating dinner. Weston is at one end of the table giving his mac and cheese his complete concentration, Scott is waayyy at the other end of the table giving his Thanksgiving leftovers considerable concentration. There was a lot of noise, it was a crowded table, when Weston calls out, not even looking up, in a very matter of fact way, “Opa, you are my best friend” and continues eating. Scott didn’t miss a beat he kept eating and replied, “you are my best friend too Weston.” It was like no one else was in the room.

That is not to say he doesn’t love anyone or anything. When we laughed because he told the Alexa that he loved it, so sweetly and sincerely, Katie called us on it. “He REALLY loves it! He loves the dog. He loves the vacuum. He loves Rocketman and he loves the Alexa. In his heart he really loves those things.”

There is nothing like it. When he stands on his little tippy toes and shouts (because that is what everyone does, they shout at Alexa), “ALEXA! I LOVE YOU.” The joy on his face when she responds, “Really? Wow! It feels good to be loved” is absolutely radiant.

So yeah, this Kindergartener loves me. The full truth is he loves everyone. So does Weston. It is clear he loves everyone and everything. Both of them love us in such trusting ways. They are not afraid to say it. Whether it is in a bustling classroom or across a crowded dinner table, or maybe when little arms are wrapped around an old and fragile dog, “gently, gently” patting her and telling her that he loves her and that she is his “best friend” we could stand to watch and learn a lesson. Maybe spread our love a little wider. Tell people we love them, or tell our friends that they are indeed our best friends.

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