Checking In

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I took three graduate level courses this summer.

I traveled this summer. Three times.

We had 14 people stay with us in four different visits this summer. Visits from parents, from in-laws, from children and grandchildren. Warm summer days cooking, laughing, adventuring or simply tossing pebbles into the ocean.

I blinked and it was over. Summer. Today, Friday, is the last day of my summer break. And I am not ready. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to work, I love my job, but I will mourn these lazy summer mornings. Summer mornings when playing in the dirt – working in my garden is not a chore, when taking the dog on a long walk is not a chore, not something that HAS to be done, and done before I go to work or in that narrow window of light when I get home.

It DOES help that it is blustery. Cold. Rainy and windy. I bought a squash to make some soup. Last night I dug out my warm and wooly socks and today am wearing a comfy sweater. Never mind that it is supposed to get glorious and warm for one last Autumn hurrah – right now it feels like fall. It feels like fall and that makes it easier to think of school.

I hope everyone that is heading back to school, or sending kids off to school has a fantastic first few days!

2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Lovely! I feel like I am sitting right beside you with my warm cup of coffee🤗. SO glad we got to be three of your 14 visitors; your beautiful home got well visited. Looking forward to planning our next adventure. I hope the next few weeks go as smoothly as possible.

    ❤️ Sarah Sent from my iPhone


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